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Tess and Joe, Owners of Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals.

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Hello brides!  My name is Tess Rook and I married the love of my life in 2014 (yes, I am a recent bride!).  Since then, I have had a wonderful career working for the state of Tennessee...but something was missing.   In 2013, I decided to do something out of my life-long love for fashion and started Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals.  I have always had an affinity for luxury, couture apparel and fabrics and even started my own label, Couture by Tess, two years ago.  I work diligently with Bruce Xia Designs & Bruce Xia for Couture By Tess to create my own label exclusively sold through Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales and Rentals.

I saw a need in the wedding market for affordable options for brides when it came to their wedding gowns.  We think nothing about the groom renting his tuxedo, but the bride is just expected to purchase their gown at high market value.  My goal is to assist brides in saving funds on their wedding gown, so that they can have the style they have always dreamed of and hopefully have some of their budget left over to fund the entirety of their special day.

Since then, I have helped countless brides afford their dream weddings and this work has become a true passion.  In addition to renting wedding gowns, we also sell wedding gowns, rent bridal veils, bouquets, jewelry and crowns.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding gown?  My private label, Couture by Tess, can only be found at Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals.  Come browse my line in our showroom or order a custom design just for you.  We work with master seamstresses, tailors and designers from all over the world sourcing materials from Europe, India and beyond.  The sky is the limit and your dream wedding gown awaits.

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About us

We have been lucky to have been a part of so many beautiful brides' wedding day dreams in the Memphis and Midsouth area.  If you are asking yourself, "Who is the Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals bride," let us answer emphatically...you are!  Our brides are all shapes and sizes, come from varied financial backgrounds and are from all over the Midsouth area.  We have a little something for every bride, so give us a call today and schedule your private one-on-one appointment.

Disclosure: Wedding dress Private Appointments require a $25 advance fee which is applied to your wedding dress purchase or wedding dress rental (other Couture Boutiques are $50-$100 sitting fee).  Please keep in mind this is not a "franchise" wedding store experience.  Your reservation fee means no other bride is present during your wedding dress shopping experience.  Thank you.