Midsouth wedding gown sales & rentals


The Couture by Tess label is the brainchild of Tess Mann, Owner and Operator of Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals.  Tess has always had an affinity for luxury, couture apparel and fabrics and started her own label, Couture by Tess, in 2015.  She works diligently with Bruce Xia Designs & Bruce Xia for Couture By Tess to create her own label exclusively sold through Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales and Rentals.

Bruce Xia is an exceptionally talented young man and master at lace selection and placement, as well as truly elegant, original vintage designed inspirations. Bruce and Tess work very closely in creating and executing the Couture by Tess and Bruce Xia for Couture by Tess labels.

Another major piece of the Couture by Tess line is Serena, maker and marketer.  Serena is a fantastic supplier and partner.  Although not a designer, she owns her shop and provides several collections from her own company label, Nanwuji Bridal, to add to the Couture By Tess Bridal Collection of exquisite wedding dresses.